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Actual areas of use vary from complex systems to very basic devices like optical sensors and scanners. Industrial applications include equipment for material manufacturing, wafer steppers for the semiconductor industry, inspection systems for surfaces and substances, communication and data transmission systems, and many more.

The technological progress over the last decades has generated a multitude of new optical possibilities and in many fields of industry optics has become crucial for the function of devices.


About Physix

Physix supplies customer-specific optical components and systems. We use specialized manufacturing facilities to achieve best performance for our clients.

Physix Photonics b.v. is part of Euromex Optics Group, an organisation, which is active in the optical industry for more than 55 years. Euromex supplies optical instruments such as microscopes, refractometers, digital imaging systems and opto-mechanical accessories in more than 100 countries worldwide through a large network of distributors. The main office is based in Arnhem, The Netherlands from which we operate worldwide.

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