Your partner for optical components

Physix Photonics serves a broad range of customers with their need for optical components and optomechanical assemblies for industrial applications like equipment for material manufacturing, medical applications, metrology and defense industry.

Accurate delivery and outstanding quality are keywords that symbolize our company to satisfy our customers. We also develop customized (clean room) packaging for specific customers, optimized for usage in their manufacturing process.

Please contact us for your demand and experience our customer focus and performance.

About Physix

Physix supplies customer-specific optical components and optomechanical assemblies. We use specialized manufacturing facilities to achieve best performance for our clients.

Physix Photonics bv is part of Euromex Optics Group, an organisation, which is active in the optical industry for more than 57 years. Euromex Microscopen bv supplies optical microscopes worldwide through a large network of distributors in more than 120 countries with the headquarters based in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Euromex Optics Group is part of GSI Group Holdings, based in California, USA.