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To take the optimal decision you need expertise and transparent processes. Physix offers both and will therefore be your guide through the complex world of optical technologies. We offer customer specific solutions in the field of optical components and assemblies. As a partner we exhibit our manufacturing facilities for our customers to demonstrate our capabilities. Short communication channels enable agility and flexibility.

We manufacture optical components and optical assemblies for OEM customers. We supply to print but we also provide input to achieve the optimum solution for the customer, which means minimizing costs without sacrificing system performance. With rapid prototyping we enable our customers to shorten their development time so that they can be well ahead of competition.

Physix is a subsidiary of Euromex Optics Group, a company that has more than 57 years of experience in optical instruments and is well known for its high quality products. Our well established customer base confirms that we stand for trustworthiness and reliability. Our flat and focused organization is known for its cost efficiency, flexibility and transparency.

That is why partnering with Physix is different ...