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Waveplates / retardation plates

Specifications in accordance to ISO 10110 or MIL-O-13830A

Types of waveplates:

  • Low-order and multiple order waveplates
  • Zero order waveplates (True Zero Order or Compound Zero Order)
  • Air-spaced Zero Order
  • Dual wavelength waveplates

Substrate material:

Crystal quartz, cemented or optically contacted


Up to 100mm diameter

Retardation tolerance:

< lambda/300 at specified wavelength

Wavefont distortion:

Up to λ/10 @ 632,8nm

Surface quality:

5/ 2x0.06 according to ISO 10110-7 or S-D 20-10 according to MIL-O-13830A


AR-coating R<0.1% @ specified wavelength