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Specifications in accordance to ISO 10110 or MIL-O-13830A

Surface forms:

  • Plano convex
  • Plano concave
  • Meniscus
  • Parabolic

Glass materials:

Optical glasses from Schott* , O’Hara, Corning, Hoya, CDGM


Sizes from 1,5mm up to 600mm diameter or diagonal size

Dimensional tolerances:

Diameter or diagonal size +/-0,01mm
Thickness +/-0.02mm
Radii +/-0,3 %

Surface accuracy:

Up to λ/10 @632,8nm

Surface quality:

5/ 2x0.06 according to ISO 10110-7 or S-D 20-10 according to MIL-O-13830A


Up to 0,5 arc minutes.


Metallic coatings or other (refer to section optical coatings)