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Optical filters

Specifications in accordance to ISO 10110 or MIL-O-13830A

Types of filters:

  • Bandpass / Interference Filters
  • Long- / Short-Pass Filters
  • Neutral Density Filters
  • Color Glass Filters
  • Heat Absorbing Filters
  • Dichroic Filters

Substrate materials:

  • Schott filter glass (or equivalent)
  • N-BK7, Fused Silica or Floatglass
  • Special materials on request

Wavelength range:

200nm up to IR


Sizes up to 160mm diameter

Surface flatness:

Up to λ/10 @633nm

Surface quality:

5/ 2x0.06 according to ISO 10110-7 or S-D 20-10 according to MIL-O-13830A